Belpan Unfading

And they emerged from the flames...eventually

Our travelers found themselves inside of a burning inn with a playful Mephit. After disposing of it (and its eight merry friends) they were recruited into seeking aid from Lord Bramm in nearby Lhen. It only took near incarceration, a magical dry cleaning spell, and the threat of kidnapping to get him on board. But they’ll have to do a job to earn his cooperation.

XP: 800
Loot: 15gp


“magical dry cleaning spell”
And they say bards are useless


[Recent Bosch journal scrap] …so last night that racist lapharp player (the witchy one who helped me fight my way out of Olmstead a couple years back) showed up in Hewton, along with that scrappy halfling, Tilimook, and some wizardy guy who threw freezing bursts from his hands. Still not sure what Tomylee did * hic * but he brought along a pack of nasty critters who burned the town… Ergh, wheresh mah boddluv tiutchdrgbhh… * snore *


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