TImli Two Forks

3' halfling do gooder if by do gooder you mean a darn do gooder cook :)


3’ tall looks very like the angelic child. appears innocent unless doing something naughty then gets a demonic look to his features.

Staying with mother no matter how bad the times was always the way and never a choice but just what was. The city we were in was under siege and food was even scarcer than it was normally. The hunger would chew at you day in and out. Evenings laying within our beds staring up at the ceiling trying to forget the pains. carving peaces of wood from the rafters just to have something in our stomachs to ward off the pains of a slow death due to hunger. Mother crying for the certain death her children were facing at the starvation brought on by the invading army. Lucky for Timli the siege did not last past a fort night. one evening all huddled with my mother and little sisters. True fear normally unknown to a halfling known for the first time as our city block was surrounded by the invaders. Calming my little sisters by telling them lies that everything would be ok. Until they started setting the buildings on fire. Heat eventually coming in waves into the home turning young pale skin red with the very heat cooking us alive as we sought escape. Barely making it to the sewer entrance as the house fell around us when little annabelle broke free to go get I know not what. Oh Annabelle if you would have just held onto my hand. I miss you my little sister. your sweet little innocent smile bringing a tear to my eye even today. As I lunged for you the weakened rafters gave way to the ever hungry fire. Collapsing on you, our other sister, and fire engulfing mother as I tried in vain to save you. I wish i had died in that fire that day for I still blame myself for not being brave enough to pull you three from the fire.I miss you and love you my heart. Escaping through the tunnels of the sewers. driven on by fear and grief more than any energy left in my starving body. I finally made my way to the river. crawling through yards of muck filled sewers of a besieged city. I finally made it to freedom that day my heart, a short lived freedom. I still remember the feel of your hand in mine. holding onto you, trying to keep you close and safe. I vow to myself that I will never go hungry again a day in my life for every moment of such brings flooding back the grief of losing you my little sisters and I will not suffer the collar of slavery for I was captured by that orc horde and sold into slavery. I will be my own free half-man to never feel the whip of torture nor the collar of binding and every orc my hands can reach will feel the sting of my blade until a thousand orc souls pay for what was done to you that day sweet sisters. This I vow and promise from my very soul.

TImli Two Forks

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