Belpan Unfading

Because everyone loves a hero

As promised, Lord Bramm allowed Bandy to accompany the party to the last known location of the bandit camp on two conditions; he’d be escorted by the young and honorable dwarf Vondar and that he be returned in one piece so that he may answer for his crimes.

After a convoluted plan, hours of expertly applied eyeliner, and a sticky interrogation, our travelers left to stake out the encampment and found that it was in the midst of a mass desertion, but were still able to complete Bramm’s task.

Unfortunately, with Slag’s passing there’s only one person that can stand trial for his crimes.

And they emerged from the flames...eventually

Our travelers found themselves inside of a burning inn with a playful Mephit. After disposing of it (and its eight merry friends) they were recruited into seeking aid from Lord Bramm in nearby Lhen. It only took near incarceration, a magical dry cleaning spell, and the threat of kidnapping to get him on board. But they’ll have to do a job to earn his cooperation.

XP: 800
Loot: 15gp

Bandy's Last Job
A Prequel

You’ve found yourselves with news of a juicy caravan on its way nearby and instructions to liberate its contents. After traveling to the nearby city of Lhen to learn more about the contents and possible route the shipment would be taking, the group decided to attack the wagons in a small mining town. Unfortunately, plans go awry when they find that the cargo is fire incarnate.

XP: n/a
Loot: n/a


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