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The legacy of the Palets is one of extermination. When the first King Palet took the throne he vowed to reclaim the land from the insentient, non-humanoid monsters that roamed freely. By the end of his son’s reign the province of Belpan was able to grow beyond a spattering of small farm colonies into a well established beacon of humanity. What followed was an era of peace and stability under the control of Palet III and his son Palet IV. Since the region had natural boundaries to the north in the Red Desert and to the south in the Endless Sea, they were able to focus their attentions inward to develop institutions like the Wizards College in the Crath Mountains and the construction of the great temple complex in the city of Rea rather than skirmish with enemy nations at their borders. But Palet V was different.

Once he was old enough to take the throne he closed off the Wizards College to the public and forbade all but the most necessary of trade between them and the rest of the nation. He then ceded all but his title to his vizier, Soren, who promptly encouraged political corruption to overtake the court. The once pristine Belpan fell into decay.

One would have thought that with Soren’s mysterious disappearance order would once again prevail, but when King Palet V reemerged he did nothing but gut the military budget in favor of funding exploration of the Endless Sea and establishing new trade routes through the Red Desert. The lack of military funding has led to more monster and bandit incursions on the main roads and the increase of outward probing has begun to slowly reintroduce the area to the outside world—for better or for worse.

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