NPC Field Guide

Arthur “Bandy” McKrell – A young, weasely rogue who somehow manages to talk his way into the service of regional bandits until his gross incompetence is inevitably discovered. Do not hire him for anything, unless you can take advantage of his ignorance to make him a distraction for your rivals.

Dee – Wife and Partner of Samson. Generally found manning the counter at Lion’s Den Butcher Shop

Fenriss Byzantium – Freelance mercenary / sellsword in the western reaches around Duncester. He has a reputation for contract fulfillment and detailed follow-through. A very capable fighter as well as a competent and level-headed project manager for expeditions. A good person to have your back in a fight, if you can afford his services.

Lord Bramm – The noble that has been running the town of Lhen. He has bankrolled, and therefore has the support of, the local guard. Though he outwardly stresses the importance of morals to his citizens he’s also known to lewdly harass women.

Mary Bramm – The youngest child of Lord Bramm. Not entirely pleased to be shipping off to be wed to a mysterious noble in the far northeast.

Rosario – A wise, but physically twisted man currently in service to Lord Bramm as his steward.

Samson – Owner of the Lion’s Den Butcher Shop and Master of the local (though admittedly small) thieves guild. A bit greasy and occasionally vulgar, this big guy is a good man at heart.

NPC Field Guide

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